Kavuki Staffords

Kavuki Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Kavuki  Staffordshire Bull Terriers: was registered as a kusa kennel on 13/10/2009 but everything started when we  went to our first dog show in 2007. We bought our first boy Lewon Black Thundur of Kavuki, (Blade) and our family has since then grown  to 7 staffies, all living happily in our house. Our kennel is well known all around and our pups go to the most loving homes, real staffie people. Our oldest boy Blade, now a veteran, is still showing.

Kavuki Staffordshire Bull Terriers most recent addition is a girl KAVUKI I IZ GABY from Dam: Zutar Smart n Sweet of Kavuki, and Sire:Jomeshir Guzzler she will start her show career soon.


Kavuki I Iz Gaby, hoping to fill her mothers shoes in the ring as mom Jade has done us proud in the past, and we forever grateful to Zutar Staffords for this girl.

Jade will however also be having a grandaughter Kavuki Oreo Ice in the ring showing under the Kavuki affix.


Kavuki Staffordshire Terriers are very excited, and looking forward to the show careers of these two, Gaby will have a sister also showing Kavuki Kesha of Amdel Staffords and Oreo will have a brother also showing Kavuki Sir Portos of Amdel. Amdel staffords owend by Mrs Amanda Delport

Kavuki staffords also wish to thank all the good staffie people who has purchased their staffords from us our kennel would not have been so popular without yous.

Frank Schoeman and Charmaine Gaisford (kavuki-stafford)

Blade, Shadow, Shakira, Shilo, Jade, Gaby & Oreo ‘’the Kavuki family’’

Kavuki Staffordshire Bull Terriers.