Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppies

Kavuki is registered with Kusa.
All my pups are vet checked, dewormed and inoculated and will be Kusa registered. On departure each pup’s new owner receives a puppy starter pack, info booklet, vet card, blanket and a toy.

A deposit is required to reserve a pup.

Kavuki pups are raised as part of the family inside our home,so they have human contact all the time .
This is part of their house training, as well as their temperament and  ease of handling.

We also believe that this forms their soft loving family  temperament.
These photos speak for themselves.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppies are little busy bodies fun to have around the house and will always bring smiles and laughter to your home.Puppie school is a must

if you want a well behaved dog and the socialization at a early age will give you a good loving family pet they are a very clever breed of dog and a good protector,not a guard

dog at all more of a family member.Never do any harsh training with your pup until he/she is a year old as their bone structure is still growing,after a year old no problem

go on that nice staffie walks i personally do a 5.4 kilo walk least 3 times a week and the staffies always willing and enjoying their walks,will even fetch the lead for you if

well trained.Enjoy your Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppie and just one thing if you cant give him or her a forever home rather don’t get a staffie puppie at all as they grow

very attached to their family.